Route from IGI Airport to Manav Rachna University
Taxi service

You can find taxi service nearby.

Bus service

All buses operate from Terminal 3, and can be found at the 'staging area' opposite the Centaur Hotel. Use the Dial inter-terminal shuttle bus to reach Terminal 3 from any other terminal.

Auto-Rickshaw service

Not available near the airport.

Route from IGI Airport to Manav Rachna University by Metro
Nearest Metro station to Airport

Airport Express Line is the nearest metro station to the airport also known as Orange line.

Orange Line KM

Be on Orange line from I.G.I to New Delhi.

Yellow Line KM

Be on Yellow line to reach Central Secratriat metro station.

Voilet Line KM

Continue on Voilet line till you reach Badkhal Mor metro station

Badkhal Mor is nearest Metro station to University KM

You may book a cab from here for University or find an auto-rickshaw near the metro station