Note: Mere submission/presentation in the conference is not the guaranty of the manuscript publication. Each journal has it's own peer-review policy and conference committed has no intervention in that. So, submitted manuscript should maintain the standard of the respective Journal.

Journal RSC(Royal Society of Chemistry) Advances
Guest Editor's Jitendra Pal Singh, Sangsul Lee, Sylvain Franger, Ambesh Dixit and Marzi Barghamadi
Impact Factor 4.2
Website Visit RSC Advances Journal
Submission Time Line May 1,2023-March 1,2024
Remark APC, if applicable will be paid by authors
Journal Materials Today: Proceedings
Guest Editor's Aditya Sharma, Shiv Kumar Dixit, Amrish Panwar, Jitendra Pal Singh, Vinod Kumar
Cite Score 2.8
Website Visit Materials Today: Proceedings Journal
Submission Time Line January 8, 2024-May 10, 2024
Remark Participant with oral presentations are eligible, No APC
Journal Prabha Materials Science Letters
Guest Editor's Jitendra Pal Singh and Mangey Ram
Cite Score NA
Website Visit Prabha Materials Science Letters
Submission Time Line january 1, 2024- December 31, 2024
Remark Participant with presentations are eligible, No APC