Invited/Oral Presentation

1) Presentation Method

→ Conference ICEMRB2023 would prefer on-site presentation except in some special cases.

→ Length of presentation will be as follows:

    • Plenary Speaker: 45 min including Q&A
    • Keynote Speaker: 35 min including Q&A
    • Invited Presentation: 25 min including Q&A
    • Oral Presentation: 10 + 02 min including Q&A
    (Abstract reference number should display at title page)

2) Presentation Materials

→ A computer/PC for presentation will be prepared in session room.

→ The presenters are required to bring their presentation materials (Power Point Slides(.pptx) or PDF) before the scheduled session.

→ Presentation materials should be in USB flash drives and should be provided to the volunteer involved in the sessions.

→ Presenters are required to check if all the files are safely stored in the PC and presentation view is fine.

Poster Presentation

1) Presentation Method

→ Poster presenters are required to bring their hard copied posters in advance, and post them on the assigned boards during the displaying time.

→ Please be noted that the venue does not provide printing facility for posters.

→ The materials for displaying such as scissors, scotch tapes and thumb tacks will be provided in the hall.

2) Presentation Materials

→ Poster should carry the Abstract Reference Number.

→ Presentation File Ratio: A0 size

→ Each Poster should include the abstract title, authors, and affiliation.

→ Please display your posters on the board matched to your paper number.

→ Please remove your poster according to the dismantling time. All remaining posters will be discarded without permission.

→ Q&A for Posters will be conducted onsite.